The IBAN (international bank account number) is useful for making interstate credit transfers easy.

The IBAN standard provide the means to capture and automatic check of those account numbers.

The european rules establish that charges on interstate credit transfers up to 12,500 € must be just like those corresponding on domestic payments, whenever IBAN and BIC (bank identification code) were provided.

IBAN format:

PP CC X(30)
PPCountry code according ISO 3166-1 standard
CCControl digits according ISO 13616 standard
X(30)Domestic current account; up to 30 alphanumeric characters (0-9 and A-Z, uppercase)

Control digits computing method:

  1. add the country code and two zeros to the end of the domestic current account;
  2. convert letters A to Z contained in the previous result to the values 10 to 35;
  3. compute the 97 module (remainder of the integer division by 97) of the previous number;
  4. substract this value from 98, and
  5. this last result, with a zero on the left if lower than 10, is the control digits.


PaĄs: AD
Compte corrent local: 54632X84

  1. 54632X84AD00
  2. 546323384101300
  3. 546323384101300 m•dul 97 = 85
  4. 98 - 85 = 13
  5. AD1354632X84

7/23/2015 09:46:16 GMT+0000